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Welcome to kids electric cars.com! Home of the largest selection of electric cars for kids.  Offering a full selection of two seater kids electric cars for sale as well as one seater electric kids cars. Also, for younger age groups, we offer electric kids cars with remotes in most of our cars.

electric cars for kids

Choosing between a 6v, 12v, or 24v electric car is also based on size, and weight of the driver(s).  Usually one seater electric cars for kids will be available cheaper, and come in 6 or 12 v.  The larger vehicles will be more in cost but also normally have double the voltage as well as multiple (up to 4) electric engines.  Choose from 1, 2 or even 4 seaters with voltage from 6 all the way to 24.  Electric ATVs, Kids Jeeps as well as sports cars like Lambos, Ferraris and Porsche.

Choosing one or two seater electric cars for kids

Normally you will not find 1 seater cars for kids in 24 volt, with most being 6.
Ordering a car online for your child may seem “futuristic” but the future is now and these kids mean business!  If your child is feeling the need for speed, consider a 12 or 24 volt option.  Also, you must consider the terrain they will be driving in.  For outback on the grass and over rough terrain, they will need a larger Kids electric SUV or electric trucks for kids.  Even kids electric atvs for sale can be purchased here at the #1 kids car shop in the USA.

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Whether you’re looking to purchase your child an electric sports car, or an electric SUV, we’ve got the largest selection in the USA. With ultra fast insured shipping and the best prices anywhere, we’ve got you covered.  Choose from licensed top of the line brand look a likes including mercedes kids cars, range rover for kids, kids electric jeeps and more.

Buying an electric car for kids

Buying a one or two seater electric kids car can be fun, and challenging because there are so many options to choose from.  Once you have selected the proper age group, and style of car, consider how much you’d like to spend.  There are electric kids car options both cheap and expensive, and some in between.

Prices for kids electric cars for sale

Higher end more expensive cars will come with touch screens, speakers, mp4 player inputs and more.  Some will feature led head lights, even ground effect lighting is available in some models.  Most of the lighting if not all is now led and super bright and consumes very little power.

Choosing the voltage of the electric kids truck or cars

When shopping for the best price and top kids electric car, consider the size, if it is a one or two seater electric car, or if it is 6 volt, 12 volt , or 24 volt.  The voltage typically will dictate what type of computer it needs, chassis stability increases as does size and cost to build.  We do our best to keep costs low without cutting into the quality.  In the end, we believe that spending a few extra bucks for a car or truck that lasts is well worth it.
Electric car for kids

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